Secure Web solutions

Be it a website, an intranet solution or an online shop: For years now our clients have been trusting us with the secure and user-friendly implementation of their Web solutions.

We have years of experience in the development of various Web applications, including those with central user administration. We focus on our customers' demands for IT security and on their individual needs in particular. Our customers value good performance and usability.

    We know what is important when it comes to developing secure Web solutions:

  • Our solutions offer high performance. We achieve this by separating the static and dynamic data. This approach also has a positive effect on security.
  • We achieve high levels of protection through various techniques, including security scans and penetration tests. We examine the project requirements to derive the choice and application of scripting languages, so minimizing the attack surface.
  • We adhere to the PCI compliance requirements in the development and maintenance of our Web solutions. This provides security not only for the payments, but also for the end user's confidential data.
  • Our efforts to ensure system reliability include the use of redundant systems, among others.
  • Systems developed by us help you to securely place large amounts of data online. The development and operation of secure and high-performance server systems is our everyday business.
  • Our expertise in cross-platform (Windows, Mac, Linux) and mobile apps (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) opens up your path to large target groups. By integrating cryptographic hardware, solutions can be made to be more secure and easier to use.

We have made a name for ourselves by developing and operating secure and user-friendly online sports betting systems, a sector that generates and processes significant revenues through Web-based offerings. Again and again, we have successfully fended off attempts to compromise and manipulate these systems.