Secure building technology

Do you have very high security demands for your building? And you want to maintain its value? You're looking for a way to secure your building from unauthorized entry? Or you wish to make it impossible to manipulate security devices such as video cameras, card readers, digital keys, fingerprint, iris or palm scanners? Do you need centralized key management that can only be controlled by specially authorized and authenticated persons, and where every change is traceable thanks to digital signatures?

With any question relating to secure building technologies, we at iDev are there for you with our secure and user-friendly solutions.

Based on our extensive experience with cryptographic infrastructures, we develop technical solutions for smart building security, which will exceed all of your security requirements and which are also very user friendly. These are the advantages of our solutions:

  • Data from video devices are secured with encryption
  • Components in the system are made uniquely identifiable and cannot be removed from a system or replaced
  • Electronic access control systems have at least two key criteria, which are inseparable and which cannot be faked
  • Rights management and access control is conducted only by authorized and uniquely identifiable managers
  • Access with revoked keys or privileges is denied automatically
  • Key management is centrally controlled only by authorized persons
  • Our solution connects your sites to a centralized monitoring system quickly, securely and with a minimum of hardware requirements
  • Data changes are traceable through digital signatures and can be uniquely associated with the users
  • The overall operation of the system is user friendly
  • The amount of transmitted data is minimized and does not require expensive broadband connections

We are happy to consult you and demonstrate how vulnerabilities in your building can be identified and fixed quickly, cost effectively, and with technologies that are easy to use. Our solutions make your buildings secure from uninvited guests and will increase its value.