Secure communication

Are you are looking for a solution to protect your company's data, and that of your customers, against unauthorized access and espionage? You want to gain an advantage over the competition by transferring large amounts of data quickly, simply and securely?

One of our solutions for secure data transfer is SAM file transfer. SAM file transfer is capable of transmitting any amount of data. And it does this not only with absolute security, but quickly as well.

    Our solutions for secure data transfer give you the following advantages:

  • Rapid transmission of any amount of data
  • Good performance even with low bandwidths (e.g. with cellular or building technology systems)
  • Easy operation: Users intuitively understand the system and operate it correctly. The system cannot be compromised by misuse.
  • Encrypted data transmission only

In developing our solutions for secure data transfer, we focus on an intelligent combination of security and usability.

Our solutions are optimized for high speed and low latency. We use efficient protocols with a low overhead. As a result, our solutions offer good performance even in environments with low available bandwidth, such as with cellular connections or building systems.

Our solutions transfer encrypted data only and facilitate secure data transfer for client-server models (TCP) and also for peer-to-peer communications (UDP).

We use established data exchange formats. Our solutions can be integrated into complex systems and can exchange data with other programs and services. Our tried-and-trusted proprietary serialization library CryptoTec can exchange data in the formats ASN.1 (DER encoded), XML and JSON, and it can also translate between these formats.

With our solutions, you can rest assured that your data is secure and that the attackers have no chance.