Are you certain that your data is secure? Data espionage is easier than you might think. Today, many companies are aware that data security is a topic that should not be underestimated. However, only a few companies take concrete and appropriate measures against espionage. The subject of security is often perceived as too complicated and too expensive. The truth is that almost all security issues can be solved with relatively little effort.

To protect your corporate secrets and know-how, you need a partner who knows more about data security than just the theory.

We have extensive knowledge in the field of cryptography and data security, and we have been developing security solutions for 20 years. Be it secure locking systems, tamper-proof financial transactions, non-duplicable digital keys, secure data transfer and storage—we ensure that our customers' valuable data stays secure. We design systems for highly secure encryption of data that remain easy to use.

We have created our own development library: CryptoTec. It is at the core of our products. It enables us to set up secure systems quickly, cost effectively, and with low risk. Using this tried-and-trusted CryptoTec library helps us to avoid errors in implementation.

Thanks to our own future-proof and easy-to-use public-key infrastructure (PKI), we can reproduce any possible security scenario. The creation, distribution and renewal of keys and certificates are fully automatic.

We use standardized transmission languages such as ASN.1 or XML to help us connect to other systems. For this purpose, too, we employ proven and extremely powerful serialization libraries (with an end-to-end runtime of less than 300 ms).

Are you worried about the security of sensitive data in your company? Would you like to know if your IT infrastructure has security vulnerabilities, and how to fix them? Are you looking for a reliable partner who can implement highly secure and yet easy-to-use data encryption within your company?

We would be happy to consult you and show you how cryptography can be applied to secure your existing products and to enable your new ones. With our solutions, you stay a step ahead of your attackers. That way, security is fun!