Requirements analysis

A key success factor for software projects is professional requirements analysis. For years, we and our customers have been convinced of the benefits of requirements analysis in an agile environment. Agile methods allow customers to be involved in the project continuously and thoroughly.

Are you looking for professional support with requirements analysis? Do you want to outsource this high-responsibility task completely? We are a reliable and experienced partner when it comes to analyzing what the customer needs and formulating these as requirements while considering security, usability, and the technical possibilities. One principle applies throughout: Be as specific as possible and as detailed as necessary.

Starting with the wishes and ideas of our customers, we develop customized solutions that combine security with ease of use.


System review and risk analysis

Requirements analysis begins with the system review and risk analysis. In close cooperation with you, we carry out a thorough analysis of all strategic and operational risks. We identify potential vulnerabilities that can occur during the development, use, or operation of the solution.

At an early stage, this step ensures that your wishes are implemented to maximum effect. It is an essential phase of any project, and not just those that are complex and long term.


Development of alternative solutions

Based on the system review and risk analysis, we work together with you to develop customized and project-related alternatives. You benefit from the knowledge and experience of our experts from many different fields. We will show you different approaches and you can decide which is best suited for you.


Definition of requirements

In an agile approach, the requirements are initially outlined only roughly. This is because, in our experience, the requirements can only be expressed in concrete terms after the initial software developments and feedback loops. A professional agile requirements analysis can help to avoid costly and unnecessary project cancellations.

Your requirements can be fine-tuned at any time. Our agile development processes allows us to work very flexibly and we can incorporate customer feedback into the requirements.

In the final assessment of the requirements, we help our customers to define and formulate their needs in full. What's more, we can identify use cases and requirements that may have been overlooked.