Development & QA

Throughout software development, we focus consistently on quality assurance. Through a combination of unit testing, integration and functional testing in a test environment, we achieve direct cost savings during the development. Our developers detect errors at an early stage and errors are fixed immediately. This helps us to avoid costly changes at a later date.



We perform quality assurance measures all the way through the development. Only quality-assured code containing no known errors ever leaves our development department. We achieve this with a highly automated test environment.


Pair programming

We develop software with the help of the latest work techniques. For the actual programming we observe pair programming, a technique whereby two developers work together at one workstation to create the source code. This technique ensures that high-quality code is created from the outset.

Studies have shown that pair programming generates just as much program code as two developers working alone for the same amount of time. However, the quality of the code from pair programming is considerably higher. The most important advantage is the cost saving due to troubleshooting from the earliest stage: The earlier errors are discovered, the less costly they are.


Peer review

All program code created by us will be peer reviewed by another developer and checked for errors. This procedure helps with the detection of a large portion of defects at the earliest possible stage. Peer review is extremely important, especially for teams writing security-critical code.


Destructive testing

Throughout development we additionally perform destructive tests. These tests try to provoke errors in the implemented functionality. As a result, we can ensure that our software correctly handles edge cases and error situations in live systems. This is an important quality feature for preventing security vulnerabilities. We test the software system to its limits to ensure that the software runs error free for the customer.