How we operate

Our way of working has grown and proven itself over the many successful years in business. We use the best methods to achieve the best results for our customers.


Strong customer focus

The customer, and any wishes that he or she may have, is at the heart of all of our projects. Every solution that we develop is tailor-made. We work very closely with our customers and maintain regular feedback loops. Our work in development is based on rigorous project management. Trust is a fundamental principle of our customer relationships.


Belief in quality

When it comes to quality, we know no compromise. Our solutions go through several phases of testing with processes that are both automated and manual. Quality management is tightly integrated into our production process. We have high expectations of our own work: That it is not only error-free, but better and better every day.


Agile software development

We have long believed that the best solutions result from agile software development. We observe the principles of Scrum to encourage agility in the software development process.

Our agile approach helps us to develop the software that you need quickly, flexibly and to the very best of our ability. We are fast, because we start with development as soon as the main requirements have been clarified. We put our heads together and get stuck into our work. Fine tuning is possible at all times.

    The agile way of working allows us to offer our customers clear advantages:

  • There is no need for detailed specifications, which quickly outdate.
  • There are fewer misunderstandings in communication, since the Product Owner directly forwards your requests to the developers.
  • After each development interval (sprint), you receive a functioning part of your software (increment).
  • On a regular basis (every two weeks) you have the option to see the current status of your software and provide feedback.
  • You can submit change requests after each of these feedback rounds.

Apart from Scrum, we also use other established agile methods to develop software of the highest quality. These include peer reviews, XP programming, test-driven development, test automation, and pair programming.


iDev production process

The liberties of agile software development require the context of a robust and reliable framework, and so we have defined our own process based on the standard CMMI-DEV v1.3 maturity level 3.

The iDev production process maps all of the roles, responsibilities and activities necessary for the holistic implementation and rollout of a project, from start to end. Our production process aims for the optimal balance between agile development and clear-cut work processes, in order to achieve the best possible result.

Our production process has clear benefits for our customers: It provides absolute transparency about the methods that we employ. The process ensures that all necessary steps take place at the right time in order to complete each project with maximum customer satisfaction.


iDev culture

The iDev culture consists of the shared norms and values that have led to the success of our company. Our corporate culture shapes our activities day in, day out. Its rules govern the main aspects of how we treat one another. We live by our values in our daily teamwork. These values are also shown in the way that we conduct our working sessions and meetings.