Company development

Since 2004 we have been designing, developing, and operating customized software solutions in the field of secure distributed systems. Our focus is on the combination of security, usability and performance. We develop large Web portals, complex cloud solutions, and highly secure smart clients, among others. Our products are leading the way in security, reliability, usability and performance.

iDev GmbH is a young and cosmopolitan company. iDev GmbH is managed by an interdisciplinary management team from the fields of software development, IT security, quality assurance and IT operations. Our multi-national development teams are made up of outstanding experts.

iDev GmbH was founded in 2004. With just three employees full of motivation, the idea took shape: To develop secure and yet user-friendly software. Today we are 30 highly motivated and highly qualified employees, who day-by-day are turning that initial idea into practice.

Looking back, the development of iDev GmbH is characterized by a stable and successful track record. Just two years after its foundation, our company was market leader in POS solutions, and again in self-service terminals in 2009. Our customers can vouch for competence. This is reflected by the long-standing, successful and effective cooperation with our customers. We understand the needs of our customers and users. In cooperation with them, we develop systems that the market desires. The combination of cost-effectiveness and security available with our products makes our customers successful.

The time we spend working together each day is shaped by our corporate culture. It consists of our shared norms and values that have led to our company's success. We combine teamwork, dedication and competence to create outstanding quality.

Our skills, expertise, initiative and commitment mean that we can assume the responsibility for the security of our customers' data.



    We understand security to be:

  1. The protection of confidentiality
  2. The prevention of manipulation
  3. Assured availability
  4. iDev's vision in a few words:
    "We give data security."