Our appreciation and acknowledgment of the employees at iDev GmbH goes far beyond the paycheck. We actively shape the work environment in the interests of our employees, to ensure that work is fun and that it promotes healthiness.


Modern work facilities

A workplace needs more than just a desk, a chair and some modern equipment. Other factors have come to play a decisive role, too. We know that our staff sit several hours every day at the computer. It is our responsibility to create the best possible working conditions. It goes without saying that our workplaces are equipped in line with the latest standards. We also see it as our responsibility to help our employees maintain their health.


Health management

Apart from our modern offices that are designed to aid healthy working, we also attach great importance to exercise and a good diet. A healthy balance is important for maintaining the well-being of our employees. In everyday office life, it is all too easy to neglect exercise and fitness. Overcoming this can often require real effort on behalf of the individual. This is why we support our employees in a number of ways.

    If they like, our employees can choose between the following sports:

  • Each week they can partake in a team sport (currently basketball) in a rented hall.
  • They receive a 50% (net) contribution towards existing sports contracts or new contracts up to a maximum total contribution of 75 EUR
  • They can benefit from a specially negotiated group fitness contract at favorable rates and train together with colleagues at a modern fitness club close to the office.

We also regularly organize shared activities such as climbing, hiking, and sailing.


Shared meals and drinks

Nowadays, it seems like everything has to be done in a hurry. Meals are no exception. It is all too easy for a balanced diet to fall by the wayside. To go some way to counteract this, we always have a basket of fresh fruit available to our employees.

Just as healthy food will increase your well-being, so can a shared meal. So once a week, we breakfast together and enjoy some exchange between the departments.

Drinking enough is also important. Apart from water and coffee, we offer a variety of different drinks available free of charge to our employees.


Work-life balance

Everybody experiences stress once in a while. You can do a lot to counteract stress by making good use of your free time and by taking good care of yourself. Health includes not only physical fitness but also mental equilibrium. Contributing factors here are leisure time and family life. This is why iDev GmbH offers its employees opportunities to optimize their work-life balance with flexible working hours and other models.


Break-time with foosball or darts

Time out! And time for a break. Apart from sitting together in the dining room, you can relax with some games. We have a foosball table and a dart board, where employees regularly meet up for some fun with a game. And if you need a time out, you can use our massage chair and find some inner peace. Be it lively or quiet—making conscious use of your break time adds to its quality.