Application process

We are constantly searching for motivated and highly skilled employees who are ready to take over responsibility. Before future employees start, it is very important for us to get to know them as well as possible. As a candidate, you of course have the opportunity to take a good look at our company, our working methods, and our team. This is why our application process is challenging and in multiple stages.

After receiving your application, we will compare it with our job profile. If your qualifications match our requirements, we will invite you to an introductory interview by telephone.

In the next step of the application process we will invite you to an interview at our offices. This interview serves to gain more insight into your qualifications.

A further integral part of our application process is an ice-breaker day. This is your opportunity to get a personal impression of the way we work and to interact with our team members on technical matters. Our team members are involved in selecting the appropriate candidate.

The ice-breaker day is followed by a further interview. Now, at the latest, you will be introduced to the management. And now it's all about negotiating the details of your contract. If we reach an agreement, we will be pleased to warmly welcome you to iDev.

We won't take long with our decision: In most cases you will receive an answer to your application within seven days.